Wedding Wednesday: Top Five Storage Items For Your Engagement Ring!

Hey Everyone,
Today I’ve put together my ‘Top Five’ ways to store your engagement ring. Whether your looking for something pretty or practical there is something for everyone:
1. The Mrs Box:
Vintage French velvet in a selection of limited edition colours with the option of monogramming in gold, silver or rose gold where could you go wrong? They are a little on the pricey side however the luxury of this little box makes up for that. Make sure you measure your ring though as it suggests on their website! (The Mrs Box)
2. Kate Spade – ‘Odds and ends’ dish:
More affordable and beautiful in its minimalist form, with black text and gold rim this little plate will allow you to place your jewellery wherever required. This one is definitely for the magpies amoung us who like their jewellery on display within eyesight! (Kate Spade)
3. Promise Pottery on Etsy:
A Simple heart shaped dish with a cute monogram. Similar to the Kate Spade dish this will have your jewellery on show and would look perfectly inkeeping on anyone’s bedside table! (Promise Pottery)
4. Kate Spade – Jewellery box:
This beautiful, clean, modern and stylish box with gold hardware is the most traditional jewellery storage of the ‘Top 5’! (Jewellery box)
5. Not On The Highstreet – Unicorn Ring Holder:
Last but not least is the wildcard, this statement out there animal holder. Store your rings on the unicorns horn or tail the choice is yours but it’s definitely a cool option for anyone with a sense of humour and a bit if creativity! (Unicorn Ring Holder)
How do you store your rings? Which of my ‘Top 5’ is your favourite?

One thought on “Wedding Wednesday: Top Five Storage Items For Your Engagement Ring!”

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